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Venetta, Dianne- Show Me the Green! (RGB)

“Award-winning finalist 2015 USA Book Awards”

Introducing the Wild Tales & Garden Thrills series where kids will delight in the adventures of Lexi and Jason Williams and discover the world of gardening. From insects and worms to wild critters and mysterious finds, there’s never a dull moment between the rows of an organic garden.

It’s the First Annual Garden Contest sponsored by the local farmer’s market, and Lexi and Jason Williams are determined to win. In this battle against time and Mother Nature, the kids are sidetracked by everything from caterpillars to worms, seeds to harvest. Who knew there were so many exciting things in a garden? Including poop. Worm poop, mostly. It’s one of plants’ favorite foods!

(Lexile 580L)




Venetta, Dianne- Beans, Greens and Grades (final)

“Sustainability Education for elementary-aged students”

Lexi and Jason Williams take center stage at school when Principal Gordon enlists their help to establish a school garden at Beacon Academy. The kids are thrilled to be selected as Green Ambassadors for this important project, but quickly learn how challenging it can be to work with others toward a common goal. Not only must they teach their fellow students how to garden, Lexi and Jason feel the pressure to make it fun and exciting (or become known as “The Most Boring Gardeners Ever” in school history). When the principal reveals a generous amount of grant money has been offered to continue the green program if the children succeed, the stakes rise.

No worries! Lexi and Jason are up to the task, assisted by their student council members. But as they formulate, organize and implement the plan for Beacon Academy’s first school garden, the kids are sidetracked by trouble, toils and trauma. Everyone has their OWN opinion on how to care for their plants, what should be done, and who should be doing it.

(Lexile 650L)



Muddy Fingers Garden Crew to the Rescue by D.S. Venetta

“Community Gardens Bring People Together” 

Jamal Livingston is stressed out. His community garden is in jeopardy of closure, because volunteers are squabbling and an angry neighbor is threatening to have the garden shut down completely. A horrible prospect! Not only do Jamal and the others share their produce with the local food pantry, they teach others how to garden and eat healthy.

When Jamal shares the news with his friends at school, the children are beside themselves. Close the garden? When it’s doing so much good? Absurd. The students of Beacon Academy won’t stand for it. If the neighbors won’t volunteer to work the garden, then they will. The kids are experts now. They can handle any gardening challenge!

It’s the moment Jamal learns the true power of community outreach. But as the kids work their plan, they quickly discover there’s more at play than cranky volunteers and an unhappy neighbor. A lot more, including Mother Nature herself. The kids might have piles of energy, but can they overcome all obstacles and save the garden? Find out in book 3 of the Wild Tales & Garden Thrills series…– The Muddy Fingers Garden Crew to the Rescue! — which follows the children from school to a nearby neighborhood where they work to save a friend’s community garden in jeopardy of closing due to a squabble among neighbors. Will all be lost? Not if the kids have anything to say about it! (Available September 2017)


Great curriculum enrichment tool for teaching plant science, environment, nutrition and healthy living habits.

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New this year… Wild Tales and Garden Thrills 2018 Monthly Garden Planning Calendar

2018 Monthly Garden Planning Calendar for Kids
Calendar includes:

  • Monthly to-do list
  • Warm and cool region planting advice
  • Information on possible problems in the garden
  • General tips on how best to care for plants
  • Garden craft ideas to inspire your child’s creative genius!

Calendar only available for purchase when you buy direct




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    Leona Gayle Fontenot

    I would love to request this book from my public library and I have to tell you that they have almost always bought what I have requested. I need to know if I should request the e-book or the printed book. I like both but would like your opinion on this.. I have to tell you that I gave out all the bookmarks and recipe cards you sent and they are well liked. thanks so much!


    • Reply
      D.S. Venetta

      You’re awesome, Gayle! Thank you!! I’d probably begin with the print book but in our local library, they were very amenable to securing both versions for their collection. I suggest print, because most kids are still reading print (I think!).

      Thanks again for your support — it means ALOT.

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  • by Blair Bancroft, Author

    Although Show Me the Green! is clearly a strong “Let’s garden” for country and suburban children, even city dwellers should be inspired by this charming tale of how to grow veggies. With chapter titles like “Slippery Eggs & Seeds,” “Wacky Weeds,” “Shiny Frogs & Flittering Flies,” this is a fun story in itself and an inspiration to children everywhere.


  • by Sharon Grier, Teacher

    Not only were the characters easy to relate to and real, one can learn quite a bit about gardening without feeling like you’re reading a textbook. My students commented that they had felt just like Jason and Lexi a few times, and I shared that I had surely felt like the mom, too. Having read many books, I feel strongly about recommending this book to students as well as teachers. Great, well-written children’s book!


  • by Kirkus

    Venetta’s debut children’s book conveys the thrill of growing one’s own food.

  • by Indie Reader

    A cheerful, welcoming way to plant seeds of interest in gardening for elementary-school aged children, SHOW ME THE GREEN! falls on fertile soil.


  • by Queen Bee Books

    This is a story that kids will be absorbed in without realizing how much they’re learning–about seeds, planting, plant life cycles, bugs, fertilizer… If you’re looking for a chapter book to get kids excited about nature, gardening, and science, this one would fit the bill.