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  • by Blair Bancroft, Author

    Although Show Me the Green! is clearly a strong “Let’s garden” for country and suburban children, even city dwellers should be inspired by this charming tale of how to grow veggies. With chapter titles like “Slippery Eggs & Seeds,” “Wacky Weeds,” “Shiny Frogs & Flittering Flies,” this is a fun story in itself and an inspiration to children everywhere.


  • by Sharon Grier, Teacher

    Not only were the characters easy to relate to and real, one can learn quite a bit about gardening without feeling like you’re reading a textbook. My students commented that they had felt just like Jason and Lexi a few times, and I shared that I had surely felt like the mom, too. Having read many books, I feel strongly about recommending this book to students as well as teachers. Great, well-written children’s book!


  • by Kirkus

    Venetta’s debut children’s book conveys the thrill of growing one’s own food.

  • by Indie Reader

    A cheerful, welcoming way to plant seeds of interest in gardening for elementary-school aged children, SHOW ME THE GREEN! falls on fertile soil.


  • by Queen Bee Books

    This is a story that kids will be absorbed in without realizing how much they’re learning–about seeds, planting, plant life cycles, bugs, fertilizer… If you’re looking for a chapter book to get kids excited about nature, gardening, and science, this one would fit the bill.