That’s what YOUR kids will be saying once they read this book, it’s just that fun. From bugs and critters to mysteries and sassy siblings, SHOW ME THE GREEN! will entertain children while educating them about organic gardening. Adults will love that the story connects kids with nature and the food they eat, but kids won’t care a bit. They’ll only delight in the antics of Lexi and Jason Williams and a garden replete with fun-filled adventure.

Venetta, Dianne- Show Me the Green! (RGB)


BEANS, GREENS & GRADES (book #2) releases this month and follows the kids to school as they help start a school garden, sharing their new “expertise” with fellow students. Not surprisingly though, everyone has their OWN opinion on how to care for the plants, what should be done and who should be doing it. Hey wait a minute–who’s in charge around here, anyway? Find out in book #2…

Venetta, Dianne- Beans, Greens and Grades (final)

For the younger set, each title has an accompanying coloring book featuring all of the illustrations from the book. Now everyone has something fun to do with the garden.

Time for the giveaway. I’m offering a copy of SHOW ME THE GREEN! (print or ebook) and the accompanying coloring book to 5 lucky winners! You read right–5 lucky winners! Enter in the rafflecopter form below and cross your fingers.

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