Easter is right around the corner and around my house, that means you’ll find a fresh-baked carrot cake in the kitchen. Yep, our garden carrots are ready for harvest and there’s no better place for them than inside a cake. A delicious, light and fluffy cake with cream cheese frosting!

bunny closeup

But this year I’m taking part in the Hoppy Easter Extravaganza and giving away books! You heard it right–I’m giving away a copy of my book, Show Me The Green! AND a complimentary copy of the accompanying coloring book. WAY FUN!


Kids will love coloring their favorite characters and bringing the garden to life as they read along with the adventures of Lexi and Jason Williams. There’s nothing more fun than a garden. (It’s true!) Except for maybe a coloring book. So leave a comment, sign up for my newsletter or tweet about the giveaway — and you’ll be entered to win!

Venetta, Dianne- Show Me the Green! (RGB)

Book #2 in the Wild Tales & Garden Thrills series releases later this spring. Beans, Greens & Grades continues the adventure as Lexi and Jason take center stage at school when Principal Gordon enlists their help to establish a school garden at Beacon Academy. The kids are thrilled to named Green Ambassadors for this very important project but learn very quickly how challenging it can be to work with others toward a common goal. Not only must they teach their fellow students how to garden, but Lexi and Jason feel the pressure to make it fun and exciting–or become known as the “Most Boring Gardeners Ever” in school history. When Principal Gordon reveals a generous amount of grant money has been offered to continue the garden program should the children succeed, the stakes rise.

No worries! Lexi and Jason are up to the task, assisted by their student council members. But as they formulate, organize and implement the plan for Beacon Academy’s first school garden, the kids are side-tracked by trouble, toils and trauma. Everyone has their OWN opinion on how to care for their plants, what should be done and who should be doing it.

Hey–wait a minute. Who’s in charge around here?


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Now get hopping and Happy Easter!