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School Visits

School visits are a great way to engage students in the subject units of gardening, plants, environment, nature, healthy living habits, recycling and sustainability.

“Fun, Engaging, and Educational ~ D.S. Venetta is an incredible author with a natural gift for entertaining children! Our students learned so much science hearing her presentation on gardening. Her lesson was well received by students and teachers alike. Integrating science and reading is a win-win for everyone!” ~ Susan Baker, Third grade teacher, Julington Creek Elementary


We’ll talk organic gardening A-Z… What is it? How do we do it? And why it’s important. Have a school garden? Let’s take the discussion outside where we can brainstorm ways to expand our gardening adventure!

“The workshop was both fun & educational! I loved the interaction between Dianne and the school kids.” – Wanda Broeksema, Aruba

phpy05187pmGeneral presentation:

Typical sessions last 45-60 minutes including time for book signing and questions. During the session, I’ll discuss the basics of organic gardening, a bit about my books/characters/inspiration, followed by a question/answer period with the students. We’ll also play garden trivia where students will learn interesting gardening facts as they test their plant science knowledge. Optional hands-on planting activity for students to take with them and experience the germination of a seed can be included.

Optional in-garden presentation:

For schools with gardens, sessions can be held outdoors and become hands-on learning opportunities. I’ll discuss topics like organic mulch, compost, pesticide, smart-watering techniques and natural fertilizers. These sessions will run closer to an hour and will include demonstration of gardening techniques.


Schools will receive a list of school gardening resources, garden lessons I’ve developed—and quizzes—designed to supplement classroom learning, along with fun garden-themed activity sheets for the kids. Templates/instructions for custom-made seed packets will be provided as a classroom craft for the students.


Schools will receive a FREE set of books for their library. Books will be offered for sale to students prior to my arrival via special order form. For those who wish to purchase, students will receive 15% discount, including the coloring books for the younger set. Note: each student receives an autographed bookmark from D.S. Venetta, regardless of whether or not the recipient has purchased a book.


Full and half day sessions are available and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Rates vary based on distance and travel. Email for details.

Skype/Google Hangout:

Chat with D.S. Venetta from anywhere in the world and talk gardening, characters, trivia and more! To schedule a Skype or Google visit, email

“Wow! D.S. Venetta was amazing with her presentation, getting us excited about growing our own vegetables, herbs, and plants. It was fun to learn about how to start your own garden with topics like how to compost and plant–she even made weeding fun! Plus, there are cool recipes in every book to enhance our own produce. D.S. Venetta also played a wonderful interactive game with our elementary school students, teaching them that there are lots of uses for herbs and plants.” – Linda McAnarney, St. Johns, Florida

  • by Blair Bancroft, Author

    Although Show Me the Green! is clearly a strong “Let’s garden” for country and suburban children, even city dwellers should be inspired by this charming tale of how to grow veggies. With chapter titles like “Slippery Eggs & Seeds,” “Wacky Weeds,” “Shiny Frogs & Flittering Flies,” this is a fun story in itself and an inspiration to children everywhere.


  • by Sharon Grier, Teacher

    Not only were the characters easy to relate to and real, one can learn quite a bit about gardening without feeling like you’re reading a textbook. My students commented that they had felt just like Jason and Lexi a few times, and I shared that I had surely felt like the mom, too. Having read many books, I feel strongly about recommending this book to students as well as teachers. Great, well-written children’s book!


  • by Kirkus

    Venetta’s debut children’s book conveys the thrill of growing one’s own food.

  • by Indie Reader

    A cheerful, welcoming way to plant seeds of interest in gardening for elementary-school aged children, SHOW ME THE GREEN! falls on fertile soil.


  • by Queen Bee Books

    This is a story that kids will be absorbed in without realizing how much they’re learning–about seeds, planting, plant life cycles, bugs, fertilizer… If you’re looking for a chapter book to get kids excited about nature, gardening, and science, this one would fit the bill.