Welcome to my corner of the 6th Annual Authors in Bloom Blog Hop! What a fun way to celebrate spring AND win prizes. Win-Win!!

As for my gardening tip, I’m going to share a fun fact. Everyone knows that milk is good for the body, but did you know it may also be good for the garden? People have milk in the garden for several generations. Why, your grandparents probably used it! Not only is milk good for providing calcium, it can also protect plants against viruses and powdery mildew.

Wow. Raw or unpasteurized, cow’s milk has some of the same nourishing properties for plants that it has for us. It contains proteins, vitamin B and sugars that are good for plants, improving their overall health and crop yields. The microbes that feed on the fertilizer components of milk are also beneficial to the soil.

Why do our plants need calcium?

To avoid ugly blossom-end rot, like this poor little fella.

However, using too much milk isn’t a good idea. The bacteria in it will spoil resulting in a stinky odor and wilty, poor growth. Yuck.

So what type of milk can be used as milk fertilizer in the garden? I say use old milk–past its expiration date. This way you’re recycling/composting the old milk while fertilizing your plants at the same time. I do love a win-win proposition!

You can also use milk as a leaf spray. However, some plants (like tomatoes and squash) are prone to developing fungal diseases. If the milk remains on the leaves too long, it will cause more harm than good.

CAUTION: After spraying your plants with milk, don’t treat the area with any chemical pesticide or fertilizer. It can affect the fertilizer components in milk that actually help the plants—bacteria.

Now for the prize. I’m giving away a set up Batman gloves and garden tools to celebrate the release of my upcoming book, The Muddy Fingers Garden Crew to the Rescue! And why?

Because kids love to wear costumes and there’s no better place than in the garden. Seriously. Joey Hernandez LOVES to garden and he LOVES to have fun–especially when it comes to his favorite superheroes. (Check out my Facebook page for a sneak preview!)

Book three follows the children from school to a nearby neighborhood where they work to save a friend’s community garden in jeopardy of closure due to a squabble among neighbors. Will all be lost? Not if the kids have anything to say about it!

(Coming summer 2017)

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